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 Jo Freya

Jo comes from a pioneering background in folk and acoustic music.You will have seen her performing live as part of Blowzabella, The Old Swan Band, Coope/Boyes/Simpson/Freya/Fraser/Boyes, Token Women, Scarp, and previously as a duo with Pete Mortonand in recorded collaborations with Lal Waterson.

In the 1970's the Old Swan Band revolutionised the English scene by bring English country dance music to the fore. In the 1980's Blowzabella fulfilled a huge role in opening up European music both here and abroad. Subsequently Jo went on with Scarp to win the French Gold Music award for world music. Whilst those bands were and are predominantly instrumental, Jo has flexed her vocal skills in a unique combination show 'Songs of Three Nations', with Ray Fisher and the late Siwsanne George. Compositions have been featured in two national touring shows 'Perjuring Little Whore', the tale of Fanny Blair, and 'Mad, Bad and Dangerous ', about Lord Byron, and written from a woman's perspective. .

Whilst still performing with the line-ups listed above she is now focusing on her solo performances. These feature her lyrical and instrumental compositions accompanied by keyboardand the use of live looping. The material features her own songs including the quirky 'Little "O "', about the pitfalls of internet use, and other songs, ranging from comedy to wry observation, selected from the best of traditional and contemporary sources. The live looping system allows Jo to sing and play along with herself in public, which adds an exciting new element as well as allowingher multi-instrumental skills to shine in a solo environment. .

For festivals Jo can offer, in addition to concerts, workshops on vocal skills, singingin harmony and folk orchestras.

For more info, check Jo Freya's website:

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