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 John Kirkpatrick

John Kirkpatrick is one of the mostwell-known and popular performers on the British folk scene.He is regarded as England’s leading exponent of ‘squeezebox’ instruments.His remarkable skill with accordion, concertina and melodeonhas taken him from folk dancing to experimental rock music anda wide range of international recording collaborations. Thislong and varies career has involved him in some of the most significantdevelopments in the folk revival over the past twenty five years.He was involved in the creation of some of the most influentialfolk/rock albums of the 1970’s, notably "Morris On" and "TheCompleat Dancing Master". He regularly toured and recordedwith Richard Thompson, and played with both the Albion Band andSteeleye Span. Never far from his roots, John always maintainedhis love of acoustic music and professionally this led to longstanding partnership with Martin Carthy, which blossomed intothe group Brass Monkey and more recently Band of Hope.
John now works a great deal in the professional theatre. He wasin The National Theatre productions of Lark Rise and Candleford,and since 1980 has been contributing music and choreography tomany of the production at the New Victoria Theatre in North Staffordshire,as well as finding occasional work with The Orchard Theatre Companyin Devon and The Crucible Theatre in Sheffield. He has appearedmany times on both national and local radio, and on television,and has recently presented his third radio series for BBC Radio2 called "Squeezing Around the World", which featuredsome of the world’s leading squeezebox players.
In recent years, John has brought in all his experience to performas a solo artist. His performances with bands have sometimesconcealed the full depth of his talent. Now John pulls togetherall the strands of his previous experience into powerful soloperformances. He combines dazzling playing and soaring vocalswith energy, wit, flare and style. Folkworks said of him "Oneof the major figures of the English Folk scene, John is muchacclaimed as a musician, composer, singer, songwriter... in facthe could be called the Renaissance Man of folk music".


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