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 Wild Willy Barrett's Sleeping Dogz

"Beguiling, hilarious, delightful..."/>Richard Carrington, Rock 'n' Reel Magazine/>

If you've never experienced Sleeping Dogz, come prepared to witness a thoroughly entertaining and highly original performance from three seriously talented musicians.Willy's wry humour is in evidence throughout, but the music is always special and the ensuing unpredictability is underwritten by some great, nicely individual acoustic arrangements.

Barrett is one of the most accomplished multi-instrumentalists working today and plays amazingly dextrous blues, neo-Spanish, jazz, rock and folk with aplomb.The classically trained Mary Holland plays cello, harmonium and sings wonderfully whilst fielding her bandmates' rather twisted sense of humour, and John Devine, when he's not fixating on nurses and mooses (best not to ask), matches Barrett's fluency on uilleann pipes, flute, harmonium and an array of percussion.

All three of this unique trio live on boats on the Grand Union canal, an environment which can't help but inspire and stimulate their creativity. In fact, Barrett's interest in acoustic live performance was re-kindled after hearing the strains of a cello being interwoven around a group of musicians accompanying a belly dance troupe during a visit to a canal-side pub. After a swift introduction, he suggested that Mary, the cellist, and John (whom Willy had previously encountered playing uilleann pipes on the tow path!) should work together utilising their diverse musical capabilities: cue the birth of Sleeping Dogz.

Since then, they have recorded two albums and are currently working on a third, whilst building a following by entertaining at Arts Centres and Festivals around the UK.

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