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 The Sultans Of Squeeze

JohnKirkpatrick &Chris Parkinson

John Kirkpatrickhas been at the very forefront of innovative folk in Britain sincethe late 1960s, and has played with, amongothers, the ALBION BAND, the ALBION COUNTRY BAND, STEEELEYE SPAN,the RICHARD THOMPSON BAND, BRASS MONKEY, and BAND OF HOPE, aswell as establishing himself as a brilliant solo act. It is apedigree second to none.

Whatever the musical context, John has gained wide acclaim notonly for his virtuosity and musicianship, but also for the essentiallyEnglish quality of the sound that characterises all his work. ‘Concertina & Squeezebox’ magazinein the USA has said of John that he “has certainly hadmore influence upon English diatonic reed playing than anyoneof his generation.”

“John Kirkpatrick: he’s in a class of his own forthe life he instils into whatever issues from his squeezeboxes”.(Folk Roots).

Chris Parkinson has played music since the age of five, startingwith the harmonica, and moving on to piano, guitar, concertina,tin whistle, melodeon, piano accordion and keyboards, and evena little time playing the fiddle. He plays traditional folk musicof UK, Europe and beyond, and is also no mean hand at blues,rock & roll, and even a bit of jazz.

Chris is also a founder member of the much travelled and highlyacclaimed The House Band. He is in great demand both for liveperformance and studio session work, and has worked with countlesspeople from the folk scene and beyond;- Martin Carthy, NormaWaterson, Ralph McTell, Mike Harding, & Steve Phillips, highlyregarded blues singer and guitarist, and member of the world-renownedNotting Hillbillies.

“Two ace squeezemeisters in a twin-peaks-with-bellows tour through Paris,Africa, Louisiana, Spain, Whitby, and all points weird and very wonderful. Andsongs too!”
Radio 2’s Mike Harding

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